About Us

Industrial Minerals Suppliers, Manufacturers & Exporters in India
Human exploitation of minerals extends back for many thousands of years. Therefore, fulfilling the minerals and metals demand of the world’s growing population is a daunting task. Aashirwaad occupies a place of pride in production and marketing of minerals of India. Our number one value and commitment is the safety and health of its workforce, where everyone who goes to work in the industry returns home safely. For generations, miners have relied on Aashirwaad to provide quality products. Our group interests in sectors such as Minerals (Talc, Soft stone, Calcite, Dolomite, China Clay, Anti Moisture powder), Marbles & Granite , Handicrafts. We are focused on operational excellence and long-term sustainability on the back of our high-quality assets, long mine life of over 25 years and low cost base.